Laundry Service Jobs & Carrer Opportunities in NYC

We are looking for highly motivated, hard working individuals who take pride in their work. All Folded employees, from the folders to the CEO, must be willing to go the extra mile to give our customers incomparable service. We welcome employees who enjoy being part of a team working collaboratively to make our customers happy.     The Folded family is a unique start-up company that values each and every employee.  The ideal employee must be dedicated to the concept of teamwork, each member contributing to making the team and the company stronger and more effective.  Folded encourages all employees to contribute to the team and put forth creative ideas to improve the company.  Our goal is to provide an atmosphere where every worker feels appreciated, respected and can look forward to every day on the job.   We at Folded do require hard work, dedication, loyalty and a willingness to go above and beyond the basic duties when needed from every employee.  We also look for employees who want to make a difference and would like to be fulfilled in their jobs, and so we strive to create an environment in which there are times for special events and fun for the Folded family.     Folded Team members will have quarterly reviews and will have advancement opportunities. Your career path is what you make of it. Prove yourself and rise up the ranks.  Every employee will gain valuable experience in this exciting new start- up company. Folded rewards its top performers in many different ways. Perform well and find out how Folded will take care of you